A proud moment for Virginia

I don’t know how I made this list but somehow I did and you made it too.  My co-workers have witnessed the staggering number of spam calls I get.  A year ago or so, I was still answering the calls and asking to be taken off of their call list.  Somewhere along the line, I was mistakenly told that made a difference and was the way to get the calls to stop.  It doesn’t work.

Gallup Spam Call

I got a call last night at 11:44 from the GALLUP research people.  Aren’t they the ones that do political polling?  And they’re calling me at almost midnight?!!!  I understand the companies that use computer generated agents to make these calls because that’s just a computer setting to get that up and running.  But a lot of companies have a LIVE person on that end of the call.  How can they afford to pay these people to show up and make that call?  Who’s funding that person’s hourly wage?  I guess enough people buy what they’re selling to make it worthwhile.  Most cell phones have a setting you can turn on to ONLY allow calls from people in your Contacts folder but I get a lot of calls from people that aren’t in my phone file that I actually want to or need to talk with.

By the way, the Gallup company phone number is there in the screenshot if you’d like to contact them.  Part of me wants to take these calls and let them finish their entire pitch but when it gets down to the actual purchase, my phone will cut out before they get my credit card number.   While we’re on the subject of leading the league in Spam calls, Virginia has made the Top 5.  There’s a proud moment.  Arizona is #1 because, as you know, it’s big fun to try to rob old people of their life savings and retirement.  Virginia is #5.  If you want to see the scoresheet and map of what’s going on with spam calls, here’s the link http://www.radaris.com

Why isn’t there a REAL Do Not Call list?   I know a lot of people with No Soliciting signs on their front door.  That seems to work.  We’re actually on the good side of a gate in our neighborhood so we get no solicitors dropping in.  I have a couple of friends who act drunk and let the telemarketing callers run on with their pitch for a long time.  Maybe that’s a new hobby for us all.  If enough of us do it, maybe someday it won’t be worth calling us.  Maybe someone could make it a fundraiser to make an actual Do Not Call list.  Would you pay $50 to be on that list and not get Spam calls?  I would.  Would you do $100?  …Probably.

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