Airlines Say Goodbye To Reclining Seats

I’m already uncomfortable in an airplane seat, now I won’t be able to recline a little?

According to an article penned by airline experts, the era of reclining seats on airplanes is steadily fading away, particularly in the realm of economy class. This shift is spurred by several factors, chief among them being the lightweight nature of non-reclining seats, which translates to reduced fuel expenses and simplified maintenance sans the need for intricate mechanical parts.

Apparently, the trouble with reclining seats doesn’t just stop at spilled drinks and damaged electronics—it’s a whole saga of in-flight mishaps! Some are even hailing the demise of recliners as a hidden stroke of luck in disguise. Not me, I say RECLINE.

The wave of change has already begun its sweep, with budget carriers proudly showcasing aircraft adorned with upright “pre-reclined seats,” while newer models are trimming down the average recline from the traditional four inches to a mere two.

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