Are You Pumped About $3 gas?

I’ve been driving for a long time but still have trouble understanding how gas prices work.  As we’ve all seen, oil companies jack up the price of gas when there is unrest in the world or a hurricane in the gulf.  That always makes me ask, “Wait.  Wasn’t the gas in the tank in the ground already down there before the nasty event hit?”  

Lately I’ve been driving by places charging $3.39 per gallon but then found one station on Carl D Silver Parkway charging $3.07.   I’ve paid as much as $80 to fill up my Ford Explorer over the last couple of years so $3.07 seemed great.  It’s scary that $50 feels like a bargain for a fill up.   

Gas pump
$3.00 gas on Carl D Silver Parkway

I haven’t tried any of the fuel discount/cash-back apps like Upside yet.  Have you? I read a review that said you can get up to 25 cents off per gallon.  I’d love to hear how they work.  I like the gas station/grocery store discounts.  I was thrilled to get 80 cents off per gallon a while back because we’d spent so much on groceries.  Now when I get 15 cents off, I turn my nose up because I want that 80 cents off again.  I know it’s already my money that I spent in the grocery store that drove the discount but it feels better. 

Pump price

I have solar panels on my house and someday I hope to have a Tesla or other electric vehicle hooked up to that.  For now, I’ll enjoy the discount.  It’s funny that we feel like we’re stealing gas at $3.00 per gallon when not long ago it was half of that.  My wife has an F-250 pickup to pull her horse trailer.  Diesel is still pricey and I’ve filled up at a few stations that turn off the pump at $100 forcing me to start over just to finish filling the tank.  That hurts.  

$3.07 For Regular.  What are you paying?  Got a secret spot with a great price you’d like to share? 

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