Are you sure there’s a car under there?

I’m kind of a car nut, though you can’t really tell looking at what’s happened to my wife’s car since we moved back in September.  The car wasn’t getting used at all so it was just parked and she was using her truck.  In fact, the car was kind of blocked in so it was just easier for her to take the truck and we planned to dig the car out “later”.  Well, later came around Sunday and we dug out her Mustang GT.  She loves this car.  It is a 2019 with less than 15,000 miles on it but it was covered with dust from sharing a garage with her cats who were also waiting to get their new home.  I think if Ford sees you do this to one of their cars, they will come and take it back from you.  That is a crime.


It also has the puzzling equivalent of crop circles on the trunk lid where some sort of critter was doing donuts.  Spider maybe?

Spider tracks?

Another creep factor was found under the hood, where something made a nest.  It wasn’t THAT long, was it?  I think that’s a mouse nest on top of the engine.  It also had been sitting long enough for the battery to drain down to nothing.

Mouse nest?

Luckily under all of the dust and neglect, I found a pretty cool car that was ready to get out and run.  Off to Wawa for a tank of gas and we’re back on the road again.


Over the years, I’ve laughed at my wife telling people how she looks after her cars.  …Like she even knows where the buckets are stored, along with all of the other car cleaning gear and supplies.   One little safety message here.  When driving on Robert E. Lee, because it’s a narrow two lane road, I took a few headlight shots that turned out to be scary proving the point that it’s the film on the INSIDE of the glass that makes it hard to see in direct sunlight or a direct hit from headlights.  The window film inside is what lights up.  The outside of the windshield was clean.  Keep the inside of your windows clean and you’ll always be able to see.  And watch out for a nut back on the road in a Mustang GT.

Dusty Car

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