Avoid Aging Faster!  Stop These Habits

Nobody wants to age any faster than they have to. I mean there are so many beauty products, self-care routines and surgeries out there to help slow down the aging process right? It’s because we all want to look young and youthful for as long as possible.

What if I told you instead of going through crazy self-care routines or using insanely expensive products to stop aging, there are actually eight habits that you can stop doing that will naturally help slow the aging process. Way better than wasting money on the latest skin aging lotion!

Here are eight bad habits that make us age faster . . .

1.  Smoking.  More and more studies show vaping is bad for your skin too.

2.  Too much sun.  Stock up on that sunscreen as we get closer to summer.

3.  A bad diet.  Processed food and stuff loaded with sugar and saturated fat can make your skin age faster.

4.  Not exercising.  We lose muscle and bone density as we age.  It happens faster if you don’t work out.

5.  Too much booze.  It damages your cells and accelerates the aging process.

6.  Chronic stress.  Long-term stress limits your body’s ability to repair itself.

7.  Bad sleep.  You’ll look younger longer if you make sure you’re well-rested.

8.  Not brushing your teeth.  There might be a link between gingivitis and heart disease.  But also, it’s also just not a very youthful look to have teeth rotting out of your face.

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