“Call Support”

For Christmas about 5 years ago, I’d provided an idea for my wife and let her know I would like a pair of Bose Earbuds.  I even showed her which ones in the case at the store.  I use them all the time and love the sound.  Recently in noticed a little cap of some sort had fallen out of its place on the earbuds.  Luckily I found it, returned it to it’s place and thought we were all good.

Missing piece

This week I noticed the piece was gone completely leaving some copper contacts exposed on the earbuds.  That’ can’t be good but what can I do?   I decided to go the Bose Customer Support site online.  Why I would put myself through something like this again is still a mystery but yet, I enter these encounters with a great deal of optimism.

No Number

Support asked for a model number.  I looked everywhere and there is NO model number on anything that I could find.  With a magnifying glass, I was able to locate a LONG number.   So I provide what I found hoping they would know which part of this mess is the model number.  D160020007 R007 AE0100.  That is THE only number found anywhere on the earbuds.  They said it will be a 4 digit number.  Mine don’t have a 4 digit number anywhere or I would provided it.


Their site offers you the option to attach a photo.  I sent a photo though it didn’t help and they were still asking for a model number.  When intact, there is a small red cap on one ear piece and a small red cap on the other but they had no clue when I was talking about “the cap”.   After some other research, I think I’ve figured out that these pieces play a role in your heartrate monitor.

After 90 minutes or more on the phone and having chatted while uploading pictures, they told me to take them back where I got them and they’d be able to help.  That would be great if I’d purchased them from an audio shop but I bought them at Costco.  Imagine striking out with Bose customer service and taking this to Costco for help.  Normally, I’d just get a new pair but these aren’t $19.95.  I think they’re $150 or more.  Whatever the number, it’s not worth giving up yet.  Throughout the chat with Support, they sent a few links to which my smart phone answered “Not Supported”.  It says that because it doesn’t have a middle finger to show me.  Today, I’m on my computer trying again.  The earbuds work but that exposed copper contact you see will not last lone if I don’t get the replacement part I need.    Any ideas where to go?

I was a little surprised they had NO idea what model I was asking about when I sent them a picture of their product.  If they didn’t sound and work great, I’d just toss them.  But for now, I’m staying in the game determined to win.   I never use the heartrate feature but I’m still bent on finding the part they need.

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