1 Empty Egg Carton +12 tea lights + DRYER LINT = ???

Spring is here which means for many it’s time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Whether that’s walking, running, biking, hiking and for some camping.

Now, I will be completely honest here… I HATE camping. I am not an outdoorsy type of girl unless it’s glamping (running water, Wi-Fi, shower but in a cabin). However, I do have many friends who love to camp and one of the patterns I saw occurring when they would recount their camping adventures for me is that they all seemed to struggle with starting a fire or keeping a fire going for hours on end. So I am here to the rescue!

Once again, I know nothing about camping and hate it but do follow some experts about it on social media and recently a “Camping Hack” has made the rounds involving one empty egg carton . . . 12 of those small tea lights . . . and a bunch of dryer lint which leads to fire! How?

Well, the first step is to fill each one of your egg compartments with dryer lint.  Next you take the 12 tea lights, remove the wicks, and place the wicks in your linty egg compartments. After that, you put all of the tea lights into an old pot and melt them on low.  Once melted, very carefully pour the wax over the dryer lint in the egg carton.  Before doing this step, it’s recommended to slip some cardboard under the carton, as some of the hot wax will seep through. Wait for the wax to completely cool and use scissors to cut them into 12 individual fire starters.  You will be amazed at how durable and long lasting that initial flame is from just ONE of these.

Go forth and camp y’all!


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