Celebrate the First Day of Spring with Free Cone Day At Dairy Queen TODAY!

Happy First Day of Spring!!!

If you are wondering what makes today (3/19) the official first day of Spring – let’s get all science-y here for a second. According to scientists, in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring officially begins with the “vernal equinox,” which occurs between March 19th and 21st, depending on the year. An equinox happens twice a year, at the points when the Earth’s tilt toward the sun makes it so that day and night last the same amount of time and today is the day for an equinox!

Now if all that science mumbo-jumbo doesn’t intrigue you, well maybe this will…

Dairy Queen is celebrating the arrival of spring with the 8th Annual “Free Cone Day.”  Participating (non-mall) locations are giving out free small vanilla cones to ALL guests, with a limit of one per person.

I know, I should have started with that offer but I find the science fascinating and hey if you don’t at least you can enjoy free ice cream today!

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