Chicken Footprints On Canvas

I had gotten an idea sometime last year to get footprints of my girls and put them on canvas.  Before the pandemic, I picked up some crayola non-toxic paints from the dollar tree and the canvas.

Earlier this week, I remembered I had the stuff and I thought let’s do this project.  I knew it would be easier to do it first thing in the morning when the chickens were just waking up.

I set up the area in my backyard on the chickens activity center.  I had a bucket of water to clean each foot at the ready.  I put the paint on a paper plate.  I grabbed each chicken one at a time, dipped their foot into the paint and pressed it onto the canvas.  Then I put their feet in the bucket of water and washed the paint off.  They didn’t mind that at all.  haha   Buttercup was the only one who thought I was crazy.  She’s the purple print.

Do you think I should write their names next to each of their footprints?

Buttercup- Purple

Grace- Green

Molly- Blue

Pippi- Orange

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