Coffee First Thing In The Morning Is Bad?

Say it ain’t so!

According to a sleep expert, opting for a cup of coffee right after waking up may not be the most advisable choice. She says that upon waking, cortisol levels are at their highest – cortisol being the primary stress hormone responsible for boosting alertness, focus, as well as regulating metabolism and immune system responses.

Consuming coffee during this peak cortisol period might have detrimental effects, and there’s even the possibility of developing a tolerance to caffeine. She also emphasizes that cortisol follows a rhythm specific to an individual’s sleeping cycle, adding to why energy levels peak in the morning and fatigue sets in during the night.

Say it ain’t so!

Well, for those of us that gotta have that java ASAP in the morning . . . another doctor and sleep expert, says, there really is no scientific evidence that having caffeine first thing in the morning versus delaying it a bit has any effects on alertness.

I think I’ll buy into that one.

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