Corporate April Fools’ Pranks That Had Us Laughing!

April Fools’ Day has come to an end, and many folks, including businesses and brands, jumped at the chance to play tricks on unsuspecting.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best chaotic fun:

  • Velveeta unveiled a surprising addition to their product line: Velveeta HAIR DYE. Initially perceived as a joke, this product is indeed real and available for purchase on Amazon while stocks last, priced at $7.50. Interestingly, this isn’t their first playful endeavor; a couple of years back, they amused customers with a prank involving a Velveeta skincare line.
  • Oreo sparked amusement by humorously announcing a “divorce” between the cookie and the creme, teasing that each component would now be offered separately.
  • Krispy Kreme delighted customers with a one-day promotion where anything could be brought in for glazing. An accompanying image showcased a variety of items, including glazed sandwiches, pizza, bell peppers, and fruits.
  • Domino’s playfully declared the removal of pineapple from their menu, jesting, “no one likes it anyway.”
  • C4 Energy introduced a novel “chicken and rice” flavor, along with a joke about a potential fried chicken flavor for Prime.
  • 7-Eleven amused customers with the hype surrounding their hot dog-flavored sparkling water. However, it turned out to be a prank, as they only produced enough to tease a few people and it’s not actually available for sale.

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