Couple Accidentally Ships Their Cat To Amazon!

A couple in Utah is THRILLED to be reunited with their cat Galena, who mysteriously disappeared two weeks ago.  They looked all over for her, and even put up signs in the neighborhood.

But it turned out, Galena didn’t run away . . . THE COUPLE SHIPPED HER TO AMAZON!  Galena loves hiding in boxes, and she was inside a box of work boots that was later packed up . . . dropped off . . . and returned to Amazon.

The cat was in the box for SIX DAYS without food and water before being discovered by an Amazon employee named Brandy, who immediately started caring for the cat.  She took her to the vet, who scanned her microchip.

Galena’s owner Carrie Clark says she was STUNNED to get a call that Galena had traveled from Utah to California . . . and it took her a bit to process what had happened.

Carrie traveled to California to get her, and thankfully she’s recovering without any serious issues . . . although it’s VERY good she was found when she was.

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