Creepy Crawly Shower

A while back, I noticed a few of those Asian beetles (that look like ladybugs) watching me shave.  No big deal.  For a couple of weeks, we were picking them up and tossing them outside.  After that got old, the cordless vacuum cleaner was deployed to get rid of the rest.   Well, this week – I found my new friend here watching me take a shower.  I was just stepping in when I saw someone already there enjoying the hot water and steam.

Spider in Shower

I have a truce with spiders.  I never, ever, kill a spider outside in the wild. In the house, that’s different.  To paraphrase the great Jim Stafford, “I don’t mind spiders and snakes“.  I actually really like snakes.  NO, not as a house pet (those people are weird), but when I see one out in the pasture, I let them go about their business.  I even scoop up spiders on a piece of paper and take them outside when I can.  I’d like to tell you that’s what happened to this guy but it happened fast and I squished him.   I know people who get freaked out by all sorts of bugs but when I see a Praying Mantis, I leave them alone and sometimes relocate them outside.  They eat other annoying bugs.  Flies, grasshoppers and more.  Plus, they’re cool!  I’ve swerved on my lawn tractor to avoid killing a praying mantis.  Have you seen a praying mantis decapitate a grasshopper?!!!

A few people here have asked how big this spider was.  You could lay a silver dollar on him and still see legs in every direction.  Most people think he’s a wolf spider but I’m no authority on critters like that.  What’s your guess?

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