Did you name your GPS voice?

Do you have a name for the voice in your GPS?  My wife and I call ours Dorothy.  As in, “We’re not in Kansas anymore” from the Wizard of Oz.  I think they called the tornado monitors Dorothy in Twister too.  My in-laws call the voice in their GPS “Miss Direction” (as in misdirection).  What do you call yours?  

GPS car navigation

I remember being stunned when we got our first GPS.  When I stuck it to the windshield as we were taking a movie back to Blockbuster (Yes, it was that long ago when GPS boxes first hit the market),  my little mind could not grasp that someone had drawn all of the streets of EARTH into this little box and it showed where I was on that planet with a little arrow.   

Digital illustration of the Solar system. Sun, Earth and planetary Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the dwarf Pluto. A row of planets and a stellar nebula in outer space. Clipping path included for the foreground objects. Opacity and bump textures for the earth and other planets map prepared via images from www.nasa.gov. Earth texture: images-assets.nasa.gov/image/iss040e016389/iss040e016389~orig.jpg

We’ve all become addicted to getting directions from our GPS, whether it’s the one in the dash or on our phone.  Do you argue with yours?  I was on a business trip in Hawaii and had no idea where I was going so I told the GPS to take me to the address of the office building I needed to visit.  After 2 dozen turns or more, Dorothy announced, “You have arrived”.  But I was in a residential neighborhood nowhere near where I needed to be.  


When I lived in Las Vegas, I would occasionally be invited out for a dinner with some record company people and they’d ask me to invite my wife.  She would always decline or make me run home to pick her up with the excuse, “I don’t know where that restaurant is”.  But later, I could just tell her, “Dorothy knows”.  

Man standing on rural road reading road map

If you have a clever name for your GPS voice, I’d love to hear it. 

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