Eagles always catch my eye

Eagles always catch my eye.  I keep seeing them on my drive along Robert E Lee just off of Lake Anna Parkway.  A while back, I saw about 6 or 8 of them in one tree but instead of stopping to take a picture, I decided to wait and take a photo on my way back.  Because as you know, eagles will wait right there until you return.

One bad thing about driving along Robert E Lee is that it’s practically like driving through a petting zoo.  There are SO many deer on this road.  And it occasionally ends badly for one of them.  As you can guess, the eagles get a good meal when that happens.

Eagle 3

While I see birds of all kinds every day, the white tail and white head of an eagle are unique.  The eagle in the photo almost looks like he’s posing for a hunting picture.  I think he wants this mounted next to his nest, maybe above the fireplace.   I tried to record a woodpecker in your backyard last week but I missed it.  Like your kids or your pets, somehow wildlife too know to stop doing what they are doing when you pull out the camera.  How do they know?  How do your dog, cat, horse or kids know that this would be a great picture so I’ll stop because he’s getting out the camera again?

But just wait.  And watch this space.  I am determined to recreate the impossible and someday see those 6 or 8 eagles in that ONE tree.  I know it’s unlikely but when it happens, I will be there to take a picture.  My wife and I expected to see blue jays, cardinals and more in the woods behind our house but so far, outside of one woodpecker and a brief visit by an owl, it’s been garden variety blackbirds and a few robins.  All are probably ready for the feeding frenzy of the cicada invasion.

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