Easy to open my…BLANK!

Today, we’re going to talk about packaging.  Someday, I want to have a hobby of going around to major companies to ask the CEO to have his or her mother open their package.   I look forward to the CEO of Benadryl or Allegra having their mom try to pry those pills look from that packaging with the little plastic bubbles.   Then I want to see the mom of the CEO of the salad dressing companies, (all of them) have their mom open them up.  They should glue planes together with the adhesive they use to hold that protective foil in place.

It is easy to print something on a label.  Like this package that says, Easy to open and reseal.  It’s neither.  It’s like a tug of war to open and I seriously doubt if anyone in the history of celery has gotten one of these re-sealed. By the time it is open, I’ve shredded the package so much that there is no hope or resealing.

Easy Open

Cereal boxes used to have a slot where “tab A” could be inserted into “slot B” and your cereal would be locked away for safe, fresh keeping.  There is no Slot B anymore.  The two sides kind of fit together in a weird overlap but when you pick up the box, the top pops open.

My wife is constantly bringing me things to open.  I also want to know if any of these people have these products they make in their own home.  I bought some tall-kitchen can bags a while back.  The label says they’re stronger and tear resistant.  No, I bought these because the other TUFF/SUPER-STRENGTH bags were not tough at all.  The ones I have now (in a box of 100 or so) are useless.  They tear every time and the slightest brush across the top of the can causes a hole in the plastic.  Do these people have any of these at home?  You know theirs failed too.  It had ONE job!

I also wonder if the people who provide the assembly instructions own one of the things I’m putting together.  “Have you guys ever built one of these yourself?!!!”  Another CEO question for my future hobby.  Software installs do the same thing.  “Enter the model number from the package in the box below”.    …There’s no BOX below.  No box anywhere.  Again, do you have one of these?  How did your install go?  Here’s the latest consumer item that puzzles me.  Look at the map below.  Keep in mind, this is with it in RADAR View.   How come there’s so much other stuff in the way that can’t be collapsed to open up the VIEW of the RADAR?   Do these people have this on their own phone?

Radar View



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