Eclipse April 8.  Virginia joins the fun on…

I get a big kick out of every solar and lunar eclipse.  For some reason, it reminds us how small we are.  The orbit of the earth and moon around the sun is still staggering to witness.  I remember the first model I’d seen when I was in grade school where someone demonstrated the way the moon circles the earth as it circles the sun.  (“It DOES?!!!)  Others seem to share that same fascination because there are a few airlines offering flights that travel along the “path of totality” for the upcoming eclipse.   Path of Totality sounds like a scary flight to board but it’s a chance to see this event from an uncommon perspective.  Way up there!

If you want to just wait for the next one to make it to Virginia, you’re in luck.  But I hope you’re pretty young because you’ll have to wait until May 11, of …2078.  If that puts the April 8th of this year event back on your entertainment list, you don’t have to go far to join the fun.  Here’s the “path of totality” on the map.  CLICK HERE to watch video and make your travel plans.   Pick a town along the way and put the family in the car.

The moon became even more fascinating when I got a telescope for Christmas about 5 years ago.  A cooler telescope than I’d expected by the way.  This one reads and tracks the sky and with the remote, you can tell it to go find a planet or constellation and you’ll hear a tiny motor move the telescope into position.  The first time I saw the rings of Saturn from HERE, not just in a book or online, I was stunned.  And the craters all over the moon make it look like it’s been playing goalie for us for thousands of years.

Years ago, when I lived in Las Vegas, a neighbor had a gigantic telescope set up in his driveway now and then that I found really fascinating.  At the time, I didn’t want to bother anyone by asking to take a look.  Since then, I’ve learned that EVERYONE with a telescope is thrilled to share what they’re looking at so just ask them.

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