End Of An Era? Nobody Chews Gum Anymore.

I like gum. I occasionally chew gum. BUT, is gum going the way of the dinosaur? Gum sales in the U.S. plummeted by almost one-third during the pandemic, which was understandable given the circumstances, but it hasn’t recovered. As we mark four years since the onset of the pandemic, while many things have returned to normal, chewing gum has not.

The question arises: Do you personally know anyone who still indulges in chewing gum?

The decline in gum purchases by nearly a third in the U.S in 2020 can be rationalized by the reduced emphasis on maintaining fresh breath during a period of social distancing and widespread mask usage. However, gum hasn’t made a return to it’s former glory, and not just here- sales are down around the globe. In response to this trend, companies have pivoted their marketing strategies, now positioning gum as a stress-relief aid. Hopefully that works, because while writing this…I’ve developed an urge to blow a bubble, big time.

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