Enough of the Ladybug Look-alikes!

Like you, I’m already DONE with these ladybug look-alike bugs that are invading everything.  Especially in rural America.  I’ve seen ladybugs sold at nurseries so I was reluctant to kill these things that look like ladybugs.  Maybe they do something beneficial.  They don’t.  Everything I read said to just get rid of them.  They are called the dastardly spies of the insect world.   They don’t seem like a big deal but it was weird to have 4 or 5 of them watching me shave this morning.  

Ladybugs eat aphids and other bugs that are harmful to plants.  So let’s keep them around.  How do you know the difference?  Asian beetles look and behave differently. Beetles are more aggressive for starters.  Ladybugs are always red.  Beetles are sometimes red-ish but most are brown.  Look for the M.  Beetles have a white M on their head.  Round, bright red, black spots – probably a ladybug.  

If you squish them, you’ll probably find a skid mark that smells bad so experts recommend a vacuum.  These little nuisances “bite” by scraping the skin they land on.  When threatened, they squirt like a skunk leaving behind some smelly yellow gunk.  Nasty, huh?  If you are waiting for them to go away, the way ladybugs do, don’t.  These beetles are here to stay.  

Experts recommend a few things that seem helpful:  

  • Citronella oil.  They hate it.  Spray some around. 
  • Check your screens and fill any cracks.  
  • Insect light-traps seem to work too.   
  • These things swarm too so if the invasion gets out of control, put an exterminator on the project.  You won’t win once they take over.  

For the more complete story and expert advice: Click here  

Before you throw a boot at another one, find that crappy cordless vacuum that isn’t very good for anything else and go on Beetle Safari.  Your family will love you for it. 

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