Filthiest Spots in Your Office!

Here are the nine germiest locations in your office, as advised by experts- and the number one is…..(drum roll):

  1. Door handles: These tend to harbor the most germs due to frequent contact. Consider using hand sanitizer upon arriving at your desk and before entering your car.
  2. Keyboard: On average, there are over 3,000 microscopic organisms per square inch on keyboards.
  3. Desk: Accumulated with your own germs and those picked up from surfaces, it’s wise to periodically disinfect your desk since cleaning crews may not always attend to it.
  4. Shared microwave and fridge: Both are high-touch areas, so wash your hands before handling food.
  5. Water cooler: While the touch points harbor germs, the water tanks themselves may not be regularly cleaned.
  6. Bathroom: Despite assumptions, bathrooms may not be cleaned as thoroughly as expected, hence avoiding phone use is advisable.
  7. Elevator buttons: Given their high traffic, consider using your knuckle or investing in a keychain tool for touchless operation.
  8. Vending machines: These harbor even more germs than elevator buttons due to their intricate surfaces.
  9. Phone: Eventually, germs from the aforementioned spots accumulate on your phone as well. Regular cleaning is recommended.

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