Tips To Save Your Life

You know the old saying, “knowledge is power”? Well, that’s true when it comes to dire situations. I believe the more we can be prepared in unpredictable situations the better off we will be.

Look I am a planner and a “what if-er” so I like to think my scenarios through to stay safe. I wanted to share some of the facts I found to stay safe that could possibly save your life.

Stay safe.

  1. If someone breaks into your house at night, don’t turn on the lights. You know your house better than they do.

2. Count rows between your seat and the emergency exit. If you can’t see where you’re going, you can feel where you are going.

3. If you get caught in a rip current, don’t fight it. It won’t pull you under. People die because they panic, fight it, and get tired. When you can, swim parallel to the shore out of the rip and then diagonally back to shore.

4. If you have to evacuate your house quickly- take your laundry hamper it has complete outfits(not save your life-but a good tip)

5. If you have a grease fire, pour baking soda on it.

6. If you get stranded someplace, and your phone is about to die, leave your exact location as a voicemail response.

7. If you live alone in an apartment complex, never immediately turn the lights on when you get home. If someone followed you, they won’t know which one is your apartment that way.

8. Count to 3 when the light turns green. It could save you from someone t-boning you.

9. If someone is strangling you, don’t grab their wrists, grab their pinky fingers and bend them back as hard and fast as you can! Everyone lets go because it’s so painful.

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