Feds can take the fun out of ANYTHING!

Last week, we saw a story about the US Federal Highway Administration making creative signs a thing of the past.  I wonder how they train people to remove the fun from almost everything.  The reason for the rule change is that the creative signs are distracting.   To the government, it’s a distraction.  To the general public, it seems like it is something we NOTICE and isn’t that the point?

Some of the messages about putting down your cell phone, driving sober, buckling up and more were so creative, they not only got noticed, they were SHARED.   Shared means noticed by even MORE people.  What a crime to take the fun out of the boring job of updating these signs.  I wish I was their supervisor.  I would let them continue to write creative messages and I’d take the heat for not complying.  What’s the penalty for violating the MAKE SURE THE MESSAGE IS BORING guideline?

As I was thinking of this new rule today, I had to stop and applaud, and even take a picture of this dump truck.  If you look close, it says, “Great Days Start With a Good Dump“.  As you may have guessed, yes I did crash my car because I was so distracted, but I can buy another car.  I’ll continue to enjoy clever messages from everyone on my daily commute.   And the next time I need a load of dirt, rock or whatever delivered to my house, I will call these guys as a way of appreciating their sign.

Cool Truck Tailgate

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