Feeling Bloated After A Meal? Try A Fart Walk!

Do you ever take a walk after a big meal? Well if you don’t and you are feeling bloated, it may be time to add FART walks into your daily routine.

What are “fart walks”? Well, “FART WALK” is trending after a 70-year-old cookbook author named Mairlyn Smith coined it on TikTok. Basically, She’s a big fan of high-fiber meals, and she and her husband go on regular fart walks to get things moving.  It helps with bloating.  Plus, walking is just a great, low-impact way to get some exercise.

Now if you are wondering if this is just another TikTok trend or if there is some science to this, here’s the answer. A G.I. doctor weighed in and said your fart walks don’t need to be that long.  Even five or 10 minutes can be helpful.  Quote, “When you are moving, your G.I. tract is also moving.  There needs to be motion to help move the food along.”

Mairlyn isn’t embarrassed to talk about her fart walks, and doesn’t think you should be either.  She’s proud of them but does see the humor in forever being known as the fart walk inventor.

Happy Fart Walking!

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