Hack:  Kleenex Box Misfires Solved

I always see people doing clever little hacks but I never get to play.  Until today.  I hate when these boxes fail.  You pull out a tissue and the next one in the on-deck-circle vanishes.  To make things WORSE, you go digging in the box which makes the little slit that much bigger making all FUTURE on-deck Kleenexes retreat into the box.   Now you have to go digging every single time until the box is (thankfully) empty and you start a new one.   Well, welcome to my first hack.  And I’m sure it will surprise no one that it is a dorky hack.

Kleenex Box

What I’ve learned is that you can FIX the part of the box that dispenses tissues with one of these razor knives.  Just cut a new slit, maybe right next to the cardboard lid and then feed the tissues through the NEW hole.  It’s snug enough to keep the tissues from retreating.

Razor knife

Once you feed the first tissue up through this NEW hole, you can finish the entire box without a misfire.  When aliens visit our planet in the future, they will love uncovering this valuable hack that they can take back to their home planet to save their entire civilization.

Dispenser Repaired

Look at that.  They don’t pop up this well in the factory!!!  All fixed.  Tell the other Earthlings.

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