Happy Earth Day!

Take a break and plant something today.  Get your hands in the dirt.

I’m hoping last night was our last night for freezing temps.  But if we do get a threat for frost you can always cover up your plants to protect them.  I’m lucky because I have a greenhouse to keep some plants in and safe from the cold.  It stays nice and cozy in there.  Don’t you just love all the bright colors?

I’ve been planting a lot lately.  It makes me happy and takes my mind off the state of the world right now.  I have lots of seedlings and starter plants in my greenhouse that are doing beautifully.  The tiny sprouts are marigolds.  I love herbs because they are beneficial to the chickens and keeps the chicken coop fresh and clean.  I have zinnias too that are going to need to be re-potted soon.

My happy little cucumbers I started from seed.  I’m going to need to repot them soon.  They are growing fast.

I have some lavender seedlings.

I already harvested some lavender from a starter plant I have.  It keeps shooting off blooms.  Love it!  I have it in a small vase in my house.

Some strawberries.  I can’t wait for these to ripen.

In my garden I have a lot of plants that came back up…

Lemon balm-

Peppermint- I love clipping some and putting it in the rafters of the chicken coop.  Wasps hate it and they don’t try to build nests in there.

Oregano-  This plant is 5 or 6 years old.  It comes back bigger every Spring.  I love it.

Spearmint from a starter plant I got earlier this year.  You can never have too much mint.  It also keeps mice away.

Part of my sunflower garden.  All from seed packets.  Different types, and colors of sunflowers.  I put popsicle sticks and plastic forks around the seedlings.  It helps keep birds and squirrels away.  And Penny.

Penny is the wild bunny who lives in my backyard.  She’s due to have babies any day now.  She loves my backyard.  She’s always sunbathing under the apple tree and snacking on grass and clover.  She gets along with the chickens.  I guess she feels safe in my backyard.  She’s welcome to stay as long as she stays out of the garden.  I caught her eating my phlox one day.  haha

Something new this year that I’m doing…composting.  As you know, I have chickens and that means chicken poop.  So why am I throwing it out?  I should be composting it.  I’ve just been too scared that I would mess it up.  I started my compost weeks ago and it’s doing really great.  I got a Geobin off Amazon and I love it.  Smells earthy (is that a word?) and it’s coming together nicely.  If you have any composting tips I would gladly take them.

I have lots of red tulips in my front flower bed.  I found this cute little carpenter bee butt this morning.  I think it’s enjoying the pollen.

What are you growing?  What are you planting for Earth day?

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