Happy National Pet Day!  Here Are the Finalists for Wackiest Pet Name in America

It’s National Pet Day! While most of us will be spending the day posting adorable photos of our pets on social media (as we should), I want to remind you to take a second and go vote on the wackiest pet names in America. Yeah, this is a thing.

So Nationwide Pet Insurance has an annual contest to find the wackiest pet names in America. They just announced the finalists for 2024, and voting closes TOMORROW (4/12)! So now is the perfect day to vote!

The finalists are….

In the dog category:

  1. Boots with the Fur
  2. ChugChug Pickles
  3. Lil’ Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies
  4. Lord Waddles
  5. Lulu the Conqueror
  6. Mr. Pizza Puff
  7. Molly from Corporate
  8. Team “The Bandit” Player
  9. “The News”
  10. this is all one name:  One Love Tiny Dancer Princess Margaret Rose Windsor.

The cat category:

  1. Balsamic Vin
  2. Car Alarm
  3. Itty Bitty Kitty Committee
  4. Meownnaise
  5. Minerva Meowgonagall
  6. Necronomicat
  7. Skullcrusher
  8. Steph Purrrry
  9. Tony “Scarface” Baloney
  10.  Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.

They also have a catch-all division for other animals.  Nominees include a tortoise named Midsize Sedan . . . a lizard named Frosted Mini Wheats . . . a guinea pig named Cowpig . . . and an actual pig named Snoop Hoggy Hogg.

You can vote for your favorite at PetInsurance.com/WackyPetNames.  Winners will be announced next Wednesday.


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