Game Pieces Can Make You Money?!?!?!

Game pieces can make you money! THAT should have been the headline in a recent write-up on “The Best Things in Your House to Sell for Parts.”  After all, games are something that almost all of us have in our homes, and probably never think about selling for cash.

Here are four items you may have in your house right now, that you can sell for parts and top dollar:

  1. Computers: Tear apart that old laptop and sell its components on eBay. Even parts from older computers could still fetch a few bucks.
  2. Board games: eBay boasts an entire section dedicated to buying and selling old Game Pieces & Parts.
  3. Electric guitars: It might only take a screwdriver to dismantle them. Components like old pickups and tuning pegs can fetch decent money.
  4. Lego pieces: Specifically, spare pieces for old Lego sets. There’s a whole website:  that’s dedicated to it.
  5. The obvious, though it’s more in the garage than the house, are old junker vehicles. Their insides can be more valuable than anything else. An aged engine could fetch you $500, and just the airbags alone could be valued at $200.

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