I don’t WANT a Mushroom collection

Early this morning, as I was helping my wife do some stuff with her horses, I saw this about 20 yards away and didn’t know what it was.  Just some white things sticking out of the ground.  And by “ground” in this case, I mean the slop that her horses created by causing huge divots that fill with water, cause a muddy swamp to appear that was then filled with straw to keep the horses from disappearing completely.

Mushrooms II

Judging from the fact that they weren’t there yesterday but were present this morning, I just assumed they were mushrooms.  Since I was curious, I went to this website for Mushrooms in Virginia. I didn’t see anything like these.  And they are only in the extremely swampy area of our property.  Though we do get some unusual mushrooms at our place.

Mushrooms II

Soon, I will have all of this uck cleared away, the soil tilled up and grass growing here, but for now, it looks like Mario Kart.  A while back, I saw this monster growing in our front yard.  I put the dollar next to it just to give you a point of reference on the size.  Basically somewhere between a baseball and a softball.

Mushroom IV

Another entry in the fungi collection at our house was this thing.  I don’t know what that is but it grew to be bigger than a 5 gallon bucket.   There are some similar creatures on the state mushroom website but none that were exactly the same as this.  Anyone know what that is?

Mushroom V

We’ve all heard stories of people getting high from mushrooms but I wouldn’t dare try any of these.  I’ve heard just as many stories of people who nearly died from guessing wrong about which ones were safe to eat, smoke or rub into your belly.

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