I Get To Choose?  Asking For A Friend!

As you know by now, our latest prize up for grabs is a chance for you to Choose Your Trip.  We get a kick out of finding cool destinations and we’ve sent winners all over the world.  But this time, the prize is a trip where YOU get to choose the destination.  In this case, it has to be somewhere in the USA but that’s about it.  There’s a BIG list of possible destinations for you to choose from.

I don’t know what I’d choose.  For me, it’s easier since it is within the continental US.  I should be more worldly than I am and while, I’d really like to see England and I’m fascinated with the pyramids, it would creep me out to go to the middle east right now.

Underwater view of diver wearing wet suit and flippers, sunlight filtering through from above.

The Riverwalk in San Antonio would surely make the list for me.  My wife would hate this but I’d love to go to the big private pilot fly-in that happens in Oshkosh Wisconsin every year.  If you got to wave the wand and go anywhere in the US, what is it for you?  I know, you really want to spend a wild week in Bumpass but what else makes your list?  Be thinking about that so when you are announced as the winner, you’ll have a destination picked out.  Las Vegas is getting kind of pricey now but hey, if someone else is paying, maybe that goes back onto my list.  San Diego has always been a favorite.  I know a lot people look for any reason they can find to go to New York.  That’s not my thing but my list would probably not be a big deal to them.

To win and get to choose your trip, just listen, grab the keywords you need, enter on our website and just sit back and wait for the good news. Pretty cool, huh?   My pick would probably be the Florida Keys.  I lived in Miami for years but never made the trip south to the Keys.   I know the music clubs and beach bars there are outstanding.  I can’t win but you can and I’m looking forward to seeing your choice.

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