I have no business recommending a rug

As a DIY guy, I’m forever looking for things to make our home a little better.  While I had nothing to do with our latest addition, I thought you might like to learn along with me.  I’d been seeing ads on social media for something called Ruggables.  I didn’t know …or care, what they were but then the box showed up at our house.  I am not designer of any kind and have no business giving advice on things for your home.  But when something shows up that others may like, I like to pass that along.

My wife has horses so our doors from the garage and the front entrance get a lot of traffic.  So, she was looking for a solution.  Most of which went bad.  No, this isn’t an advertisement for Ruggables.  But if recommendations help you make decisions around your house, you might want to buy a few of these.  What my wife likes about these rugs is that they are not too thick to the point of the door dragging them out of the way.  They also really can be thrown into the washing machine when it’s time to clean them.

Front door

I have a rubber/fabric rug in the garage that I take along to the car wash now and then to blast it off.  But these things actually come clean in the laundry.  My wife is also a skeptic so she reads reviews and more before buying something she’s not familiar with.  In case you are thinking, “This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for my wife”, re-think that.  It’s not.  If you get her a rug for Valentine’s Day, you’re about to have your own 6 weeks of winter, regardless of what the groundhog did on Friday.

From Garage

But if you find comfort in people reporting a GOOD purchase, this might make the list.  So far the Ruggables are getting a thumbs-up at our house.  Do you have something to recommend?  We’d love to know about your random finds so recommend away!

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