IHOP May Soon Be IHOPees…

Can’t decide between IHOP and Applebee’s? Well, guess what? Soon you won’t have to drive from one to the other, just go next door.

Turns out, for the past five years, they’ve been under the same ownership umbrella, and now the CEO says they are creating– “dual-branded” locations. Picture this: separate entrances and seating areas, but sharing the same building, kitchen, and staff. Imagine the breakfast buzz at IHOP seamlessly blending with the dinner vibes at Applebee’s, and vice versa…interesting.

Don’t worry about a funky mashup name; they’re keeping it simple. No it really won’t be called IHOPees or AppleHOP – just good old Applebee’s-IHOP. They have a test location in Mexico, and it’s just called Applebee’s-IHOP.  Get ready for the ultimate two-in-one dining experience.

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