It’s Beginning to look a lot (less) like Christmas

I took down our Christmas lights on Sunday.  My wife was really mad.  She wanted to leave them up.  The good news is that when I opened the big bin-on-wheels that we store the lights in, I found the string of big clear lights that she wanted hung on the patio.  Those are now up but she’s still mad at me.

I did learn that some believe it is bad luck to leave lights up past December 31st because you are “pulling bad luck forward” into the new year.  (I’m not superstitious).  I read that for centuries, people have taken down their lights and decorations on the night of January 5th or the Eve of the Epiphany.   Neighbors and the public may judge you on when you take your Christmas decorations down.  But just remember the perfect time to take down the lights.  When YOU want to take them down.  That’s it.

Yes, a lot of people rip them down on the 26th of December.  Some wait ’til the 4th of July.  There’s no set time.  The same goes for putting UP decorations.  Thanksgiving?   Yes, if you want to.  Noon on December 24th?  Have at it.  When it seemed like I was behind on getting the task of taking down our lights, I drove down Courthouse road and saw the fence decorated and that gigantic Christmas tree still lit up at the Rose Mount Farm equestrian facility.  Theirs are still up and still lit.  And they know how to decorate for Christmas.  

My wife complained that it was dark now when she’s tending to the horses at night.  …Someone is reaching for an argument.   But for now, they are coiled up in the storage bin waiting to be redeployed in November.  My friend encourages people who have not taken down their lights to “Light them up.  Celebrate your laziness!!! Don’t hide it!”  He’s kind of a weird guy.

People have argued about when to STOP playing Christmas music too.  I think the Christmas season is all about the anticipation. To most, the Christmas music is gone by December 26th.    It’s no longer, “Beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and Santa Claus isn’t, “Coming To Town“.  He’s been a gone!  It’s time to start working on being naughty or nice on the list for next year.

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