First Trillionaire Within 10 Years

A new report predicted the world will see its first TRILLIONAIRE in the next 10 years. Elon Musk is currently the world’s richest man at $230 billion. But it’s hard to fathom just how much a trillion dollars really is.

Here are a few perspectives to help illustrate the scale:

1. If you were to count to one trillion at a rate of one number per second, it would take you over 31,688 years to reach a trillion.

2 If you stacked one trillion one-dollar bills, the stack would reach over 63,000 miles high. This is more than twice the height of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on Earth.
Distance Perspective:

3. If you laid one trillion one-dollar bills end to end, it would stretch for about 96 million miles. That’s enough to reach the sun and back multiple times.
Time to Accumulate:

4. If you started counting from 1 and counted one number per second, it would take you over 31,688 years to count to a trillion.
Comparison to Other Large Sums:

5. A trillion is a thousand billion or a million million.

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