Mechanic, fix thine own truck

In the next few days, I will have my new dashcam installed in my car.  Back in July or so, I talked to my wife on the phone and told her, since she’s always asking for gift ideas, a dashcam is something that came to mind that I would really like to have.  The funny part is that when I talked to her the next day, she said she hadn’t done a Google search or anything but her social media feed was FULL of places to buy a dashcam.   I hate that somehow someone LISTENS IN on our conversations.

If she had looked up a place to buy a dash-cam and then her feed filled up, we would understand that.  You’re tracking us!!!  I get it.  But with NO searches performed and only a phone conversation, how does this thing know we’re going to be buying a dashcam?  And you’re listening to private conversations.

Dangling Parts

The reason I was missing my dashcam today is that I was behind this truck today reading their sticker about how good their service is and all of the integrity and attention to detail they offer.  Is it just me or does a claim like that lose steam when you see something …hanging from the bumper that should be attached?  Can you see it hanging there?  Nothing gets by you, …except your own vehicle.  After I took a picture of this work-truck, I made sure blow up and crop the photo so no one can see the company name or license plate number.

If someone pulled up to my house to work on the furnace or plumbing or anything else, and had something dangling loose from under the bumper of their truck, we’re going to chat before he starts working on my house.

I would already have my dashcam installed but I hate to do that when the windshield is frozen.  I’ll try it after the warm-up this weekend.  So much stuff happens right in front of me that I can’t wait to share once its all captured on my new dashcam.

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