Meet My Chicken Monday

Thank you so much to April for sharing her chickens with us.  She has so many different breeds.  They are all so beautiful.

Here’s April’s chickens, with their names and breeds.

Rainbow & Pegasus
Serama Cockerel & Pullet

Too cute!!!!!

Lavender Frizzled Silkie Pullet

Cruella DeVil
Black Naked Neck Silkie Showgirl Pullet

Crossbeak Ameraucana Pullet

Spangled Old English Game Hen

Raptor with Nugget & Mary Jane
Plymouth Barred Rock Rooster
Rhode Island Red Hens

Lisa Rinna
Crevecoeur Pullet

Kyle Richards
Golden Laced Polish Pullet

Thank you again April!!!!  Your flock is amazing

Do you have chickens or know someone who does?  WFLS would love you spotlight your feathered flock!

Send your chicken pictures with their names and descriptions to [email protected] and they will be on, Facebook and on the air at 93.3, WFLS.

*If you’ve already submitted pictures of your chickens and want to send some new ones please do so.  There’s no limit on how many times you can be featured.

**Have you missed a “Meet My Chicken Monday” post?  Then click here to find a past post.

***Keep up with the Miller Flock (Buttercup, Grace, Molly and Pippi) on Instagram or Facebook.  Be sure to follow and like us!

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