Mega Millions Jackpot Almost A Billion, How To Spend It…

If I struck it rich tonight with that 977 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot, What would I’d do?

I’d make it rain dollar bills from a helicopter while singing “Money, Money, Money” at the top of my lungs. Then, I’d hire a team just to follow me around and feed me grapes, because who has time for using their own hands when they’re a multimillionaire? Forget about investing wisely; I’m investing in a fleet of golden retrievers trained to fetch me snacks from the kitchen. And when that Powerball jackpot rolls around on Saturday now at 750 million bucks, I’ll buy my own private island and declare myself its benevolent dictator, ruling with an iron fist made entirely of marshmallows. I’d also buy a pet giraffe and teach it to play poker, then challenge it to a high-stakes game just for the giggles. I’m well aware that money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy a whole lot of absurdity. So I’d go absurd!

Your turn, what would you do?

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