No Consequences at all?

I took a few Journalism classes in college that were slightly helpful but mostly what I learned back then just makes me mad now when I see how irresponsibly people handle material today.   

For years, we’d all seen tabloids that said Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were getting a divorce and people in their circle were sure their marriage was hitting the skids.  Have you ever seen the two of them together?  I remember seeing a clip of them from an appearance on Oprah and they seem to genuinely LOVE each other.  Decades later, they are still together.   Why are there no consequences for the people writing the divorce stories?   Today, I got a friend request from Shania Twain.  (see below).  Now you and I both know Shania Twain did not actually send me a friend request and she didn’t have someone on her team reach out.  That’s just another internet worm using someone’s good name and reputation. 

Shania wants to be buds

I saw a post with Sara Evans asking people to tell her if they think she’s pretty.  Listen to her songs!  Does that sound like someone who needs you to tell her she’s pretty?  

Did you know Carrie Underwood is heartbroken that you and I have not answered her cry for validation?  No.  Because she would never write this!!!   She’s an accomplished star who doesn’t beg for a reply.  That too is just a social media bottom feeder.

Carrie Underwood misses me desperately


Knowing I was going to write this today, it also caught my eye when someone posted something about a supplement that they claim will lower your LDL cholesterol by 37% and correct a bunch of other things.  Thankfully below that was a long list of people ratting them out for their useless product and the awful side effects.  

The FDA doesn’t regulate supplements so they can claim almost anything and get away with it.  (And they do).  I want to see people take legal action against those that just make claims without ANY consequences.  I’d buy a ticket to see that.  I always hoped Tim and Faith would walk into the offices of one of those tabloids and ask to see the person who wrote the article.  Why is a writer for a magazine or newspaper on the hook for the accuracy of their content but someone spewing crap on social media never has the slightest bit of trouble? 

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