Package Arrival Puzzle

It’s been a weird year for packages being delivered at our house.  Not only have I had two boxes arrive with the PICTURE of the gift on the outside that blows the surprise, now I’m getting emails from companies that are really puzzling.  

Marine turtles photographed on the beautiful Ningaloo Reef of western Australia.

A while back, I’d ordered one of those under-the-ocean scenes done in clear resin with a diver, turtle and some coral.  They make a cool desk light.  Did I order from a reputable company?  Well, I thought I had.  I know the company name.  But on December 15th, I got a note saying this seascape light thing had SHIPPED.  Cool!  It shipped on the 15th?  That should be here by Christmas, right?  

Delivery drone with a package, illustration.

Today I got a LENGTHY apology from someone who hoped I was having a nice day but wanted me to know they were, “working diligently to correct some technical difficulties”.  No worries.  Luckily, mine already shipped.   …Or did it?  

mail person delivers mail to a plastic mailbox in the suburbs of Chicago in the fall

I’m such a SHOP LOCAL nut that I wrote this off as my own fault for ordering something online.  By the way, keep your packages safe and try to grab them as soon as they land.  I saw a news story today that said 260 MILLION packages get swiped by Porch Pirates every year.  I think that would be a fun hobby to boobytrap those packages and roll the video camera.  


We’ll see if my seascape light gets here in time to be swiped before Christmas.  I hope whoever gets it really likes it.  It looked cool on their website.

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