This weekend, Petco is having an Artificial-Free Upgrade Event.  (May 18th & May 19th)

You can bring your cat or dog food in that has artificial ingredients (includes artificial colors, flavors and preservatives) and Petco will upgrade you to a FREE bag or can of artificial-free food.

(*Up to a six-pound bag of dog food or up to four pounds of cat food. You can also choose three cans, cups or pouches of cat food).

Not only will you get to trade some food but you will get a free nutrition consultation with a Petco-certified food specialist.

Petco says it’s the “first and only major retailer of pet food and treats to take a stand against artificial ingredients” by removing products that don’t meet its standards.

To participate you do need to be a member of their free program, Pals Rewards.  You can sign-up in store or online.

Find a Petco store near you here.

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