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Charging Station

My wife has been complaining about all of the cords on the counter that power up countless devices.  I had seen someone do an online hack a while back where they ran these wires through one of those paper clamps that people use to hold a stack of papers together.   I tried that but didn’t really like the way the cords came through the clamp so I opted for this.


I’ve used these (above) in the past and they work great.  I take out the nails they provide and drill out the plastic keeper to allow me to use hex head screws.   I think I first used these to hang one of those cage-looking shelf units on the pantry door for a little added storage space.  These things work great for that and hold the pantry shelves in place.   At the hardware store, I had visions of using clips that were secured on BOTH ends but later found out that the opening wasn’t big enough to allow room for the cord (below) to retreat behind the cabinet.  You can feed them through the opening in these clips with two anchors but what’s the point of that?

Wider but not better
Wide clips

The ones I used work for almost ALL modern power cords.  Even the Fitbit charging cord for my wife’s watch. When she’s done and unplugs the unit, the wire retracts behind the cabinet and the business end waits at the edge of the counter for the next charge session.


And look!  ‘See the little Apple cord popped up where it’s easily identifiable?  I pull that up, hook it to my iPhone or anything in the Apple family and we’re good to go.  When done, it goes right back here.  All you need is a free standing cabinet to hold all of these cords on the back.

Clips mounted

I did two sets of 3 on the back of this cabinet.  The plug end stays visible and the cords stay out of the way.  One unexpected benefit to this arrangement is that I haven’t had to go LOOKING for a cord since I deployed this setup.  They stay here.  And since I used these screws instead of nails, when you need to add a new plug or swap out a cord, you can loosen the screw and clip, make the change and tighten it back up.


Do these guys (above) look ready or what?  On the left, that’s a flat plug for my wife’s phone and some headlights we use for tending to horses at night.  The one in the middle is for my cordless screwdriver and the little flat one on the right works for a half dozen little units that are always craving power.   We can charge 6 different devices at once and store all of the cords out of the way in less than a second each.  If you’ve got a handy household hack like this, I’d love to see yours.

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