Pro Tips For National High Five Day!

Happy National High Five Day! Traditionally observed on the third Thursday in April, some argue it should be moved to October 2nd. Here’s the reasoning for the move:

The origins of the high five remain somewhat murky, but the spotlight often shines on former MLB coach Dusty Baker and his teammate Glenn Burke. Back in 1977, while playing for the Dodgers, they exchanged a celebratory hand smack during their final game of the season on October 2nd.

The inaugural high five may have been the coolest thing ever. However, plenty of lackluster ones have followed suit. Let’s face it, we’ve all botched a high five at some point. Thankfully, offers a comprehensive guide on mastering the art of the high five. Here are four foolproof steps to ensure you never fumble it again…

Pro Tips: 

  • Flatten your hand with fingers close together; spreading them too far may reduce the satisfying smack. Optionally, cup your hand slightly for an even louder clap.
  • Acknowledge or signal that a high five is imminent. No need to shout, just ensure clarity. Maintain eye contact—avoid sudden shifts to a fist bump or, heaven forbid, an awkward hug. Both parties must commit to the high five.
  • Keep composed and prepared to synchronize movements. No need for panic or haste; it’s not a swat at a bee, nor a contest. Just aim for smoothness.
  • The golden rule: Focus on their ELBOW, not their hand. Your brain will intuitively guide your hand placement, ensuring better contact. This technique proves especially handy during dynamic high fives with more movement involved.

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