Remove Glue and Smell Like Fruit

I think it would be fun to share DIY tips on things related to a drill press, a table saw or welder but the things that’s been coming up lately are a little more dainty.   I was at Home Depot a while back looking for something to remove the glue left behind by labels.  I’ve used Goo Gone and Goof Off along with a few other similar products.  As I was looking, a girl from Home Depot asked if I needed help.  I told her what I was looking for and she surprised me by saying they use Citrus air freshener.  What?

Real Citrus spray

She said, at Home Depot, they take labels off of almost everything with this Real Citrus air freshener.  So, I thought I’d give it a try.  The refrigerator that came with our house had a big glue spot on the door so I gave the Citrus air freshener a shot.  At first, I just did a quick spray and wipe but that just made the glue smear.  So I re-sprayed the spot and gave it a few seconds for the spray to eat the glue.   In about 30 seconds, the glue spot was gone.

Glue on refrigerator

When talking with a friend about this, he asked if I had tried Skin So Soft.  I’m sorry to admit, I have.  Years ago, I was taking a label off of something while visiting my mother-in-law.  She said, “You should squirt that with Skin So Soft“.  I didn’t know what Skin So Soft was and when she told me she gets it from her Avon lady, I was even more skeptical.  Then I tried it …and found this stuff eats glue like an old Pac Man game.  It was gone.

Avon Skin So Soft Spray

While you are laughing at the supplies I get from the Avon lady, I should tell you I just talked with a guy who heard of this stuff when he first joined the Army.  In boot camp, they were told to ask their family to send Skin So Soft in care packages when he was stationed in the middle east because it prevented bites from sand ticks.  Who knew?   Do you have a product that you use successfully outside of its intended purpose?  I’d love to add it to the DIY collection.

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