Robocalls may be outlawed soon

Most of us have been getting Spam calls by the dozens every day.  I thought I had the record but the more I talk with others about how many I’m getting, I find they are being bombarded too.  But today, I read an article about the FCC stepping in to stop the “Deepfake” robocalls.  

Studio shot of silver robot with arm raised

Really?  When it was just someone calling AGAIN to talk about extending my auto warranty or telling me I’ve won another prize that I didn’t enter to win, the FCC has no way of helping.  But now that its AI calls impersonating political figures of all kinds, the FCC is getting involved.  I thought they couldn’t help because they don’t know the origin point of the calls.  Suddenly they have the ability to track down and stop these Robocalls.  


Thankfully it IS against the law to impersonate the President or another candidate because it is voter suppression.  But to STOP it, they have to find the origination point.  I’m glad they’re getting involved.  I wish they’d come to the party sooner.  You’re the FCC!!!  Phones are a communication device.  Can’t you trace where that call came from?  


Most of my Spam calls aren’t made by robots.  They actually have someone there to ask me a few questions but I wonder how it is worth it for these companies to pay someone on that end of the call.  How do you make enough money to pay them to be on the call?   I also wish Caller ID was more helpful.  My screen says, “Spam Risk” and that is somewhat helpful but others say “Wireless Caller”.  Well, someone calling from a cell phone is going to show up as Wireless Caller.  

Apple and other cell phone companies have a feature you can turn on that only allows calls from people in your contacts.  But I get calls from people that are NOT in my contacts that I still need to talk with.  What’s the fix for that? Can’t we just find out where the calls come from to just drive there and mess with them?   That seems fun.  

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