Robot Dog With A Flame Thrower On It’s Head? Yup!

Robotic canines equipped with flamethrowers atop their heads? You might think that’s a  joke or something from an Austin Powers movie. Nope! They are being offered by a company named Throwflame, one such model, dubbed the “Thermonator,” is priced at $9,400.

Check it out:

This mechanized marvel operates via WiFi or Bluetooth using a remote control, capable of unleashing flames with a reach of up to 30 feet. (Check out this video for a demonstration.)

According to the website, these fiery companions are legally permissible in all 50 states, albeit requiring a specialized permit in California and Maryland.

While the emphasis isn’t really on guard duty, Throwflame highlights eight diverse applications for its creation. These include controlled burns, ice and snow removal, weed eradication, pyrotechnic displays or entertainment, and even pest control.

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