Rock Out – Knock Out – Homelessness and Help the Kids

This week, I got to talk with the people behind Rock Out – Knock Out Homelessness.  They need us to cowboy up to help these kids.  And helping out is EASY.  Here’s the list of what they need:  Laundry detergent, body wash, NEW socks, NEW underwear, deodorant, feminine products, shampoo, ethnic hair products, dish soap, diapers and food.   

If you don’t have time to shop you can also donate cash or even gift cards.  It all helps and it all goes to kids and families here around the Spotsylvania County school district.  You will probably never meet the kids you help but just know someone didn’t have to show up at school in something filthy or shredded because YOU took the time to make a donation.  November is Homeless Awareness month and it’s not something that happens somewhere else.  There are more than 600 homeless kids in Spotsylvania county.  There are 2.5 million kids nationwide going through the same heartbreaking circumstances every day.  

Food Drive

Kids can be mean.  There are a LOT of kids who don’t show up at school because of the humiliation they face.  You and I can help.  Friday (Nov 3) from 1PM-4PM and Saturday (Nov 4) from 8AM-8PM volunteers will be stationed at Walmart on Southpoint Blvd to take donations and get them to those in need.   See you there!

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