Satellite in the Boonies Episode 93

In previous episodes, you may have noticed we hate the satellite company we’re using.  It’s the ONLY option so far, though we have our sights set on Starlink soon.  We did download their app but so far, it’s angry because we can’t see enough open sky above for it to work.  We’ll try a few different locations before we give up.

The latest bit if fun with the satellite internet service we have now is that it craps out when there is just a trace amount of snow.  As I started to rig up something to reach the dish on the roof, I went digging for the extendable stick I have for cleaning windows.  It it almost 7 feet long and extends to about 14 feet.  That should do it.  Or at least get me close where a ladder will get me the rest of the way.  But wait.  Once more, there is a problem.  This stick is one long aluminum tube inside another long aluminum tube.  I know my wife once used it to retrieve a bucket from one of the horse pens since she didn’t want to walk through the mud.  Somehow the stick didn’t get bent so, no-harm, no foul.

Well, now the 7 foot long stick is STUCK in the 7 foot long position and won’t extend at all.  As I was trying everything to get it to extend out to nearly 14 feet, my wife said, “I wonder if I damaged that when I was breaking the ice on the horse tank“.    …Ya think?!!!

New Stick from Lowe’s

Well, now I have a NEW stick that extends to 16 feet.  For those of you who also have to clean off your satellite dishes, have a look around for a snow broom/ice scraper.  The threads are the same as these window cleaning sticks.  Add this brush/scraper onto the end of the extended stick and you are one satellite dish cleaning machine.

Ice Scraper

The satellite company we are using sent us a little add-on box that allows my wife to watch Disney+ and a couple of other channels without using up minutes of high speed internet.  The bad part is that when the box failed, somehow she …knocked the router off of the table.  Now it’s not working very well.  There’s no end to this movie.

Stick meets scraper

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