Saw This Yesterday And It Got Me Thinking…

Not sure exactly what I saw yesterday cruising near the station (maybe you can help with that), But it was cool. Really cool.

Like- I want one cool.

My first thought was SUV’s sure have gotten bigger. As I stared at the size and marveled at the engineering, I realized how many things both big and small we miss when we are driving, and not in the passenger seat. This impressive vehicle was impossible to miss as it took up two lanes of traffic, but later my wife and I headed out to do errands and I asked her to drive. I saw new businesses I didn’t know had magically appeared, new buildings and houses, fall leaves that are still stunning and hanging in there, even some major construction projects I hadn’t noticed! I guess my point is, every now and again make sure you play the passenger. If you are the one who drives most of the time (and I am), have someone else do it every once in a while- even just driving around town with no destination.

You might just be amazed how much you’re missing.

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