Guys, Looks Like We DON’T Have To Change Underwear Daily.

Don’t know if I buy into this or not, but there are some dermatologists championing the cause of lazy laundry days for men. Who knew? If you’re a guy, not sweating and rocking those loose boxers, congratulations! You’ve just earned yourself a pass on the daily underwear-changing ritual.

In the grand scheme of cleanliness reminders, from washing hands to changing sheets, there’s now a dermatologist-backed exemption for the gentlemen: ‘Don’t be gross, but you can skip a day of underwear-changing if you’re in your non-sweaty, breezy boxers phase.’ Strange, right?

The bottom line seems to be that  men’s looser-fitting styles, like boxers, may also allow for slightly longer wear. That does have the word “may” in it though. But hey welcome to a brave new world of hygiene advice – where even your underwear gets a day off if you play your cards right!”

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