The Surprise Inside

Well, there goes the surprise.  My wife has a Mustang as her daily drive car but she also has a Ford F-250 pickup that she uses to pull around a horse trailer.  As we’re using the truck for other hauling projects, occasionally she has to get up into the bed of this pickup.  You can put your foot on the back tire and pull yourself up but it seems like there has to be an easier way.  

Actually there is.  I’ve seen these bump step things that fit into the trailer hitch so I thought I’d get her one for Christmas.  Normally when I buy gifts, I just have them sent to my office in case the box has something on the outside that might give away the secret.  I work in a building that is 3 floors of offices and some delivery drivers don’t have the best record during the busy times like this, so I opted to send the package to our home.  Hope she doesn’t guess what’s inside. 

I ordered her a couple of items from Weather Tech but for some reason, I had some misplaced confidence in them sending a generic box.  Even if it said Weather Tech on the box, it could be any number of cool things they sell.  Nope.  Right on the box it says Weather Tech Bump Step.  

Bump Step

My fault for guessing wrong.  Now, I’ll have the stuff sent here.  My wife got her boss some kind of wine pumper thing she saw at the Wine & Dessert event a few weeks ago.  She got an email from the delivery peeps saying, “Your package has been delivered and signed for by Jennifer” or something like that.  The bad news is that no one named Jennifer works at the doctor’s office this was going to.  Later she found out it was delivered to another office in the building and retrieved.  

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