The unappealing part of peeling

Once in a while, we get to share a hack that we discovered on our own and sometimes they are actually helpful.  One of the tasks I get stuck with is removing labels from things my wife buys.  I hate it but I’ve found I hate it less when I learned to do it right.  Like you, I didn’t know there was a right way or wrong way to remove labels from jars, dishes and other stuff.

Once I discovered the WRONG way, the right way just showed up.  Here’s the wrong way (Below).  Do you see how that corner is over the entire label?  That’s the way to do it wrong where a lot of paper is left behind when the label falls apart.  


For whatever reason, if you pull up and toward the corner you pried loose (SAME end you started with), it works better.  Peel toward the opposite end of the corner you’ve started with and you’ll find the label is often destroyed.

The right way. Subtle difference.

I don’t know WHY they have to put so many labels on things but they do.  We had some pieces of furniture and other stuff in our last move that had 3 or more stickers on each.  WHY?   They just have to keep score that the item labeled 583, 584, 585 and so on, made it to your house.  Why put 5 stickers on it?  Is that how movers cheat the system to make it LOOK like the carried more stuff than they actually delivered?  I don’t know.

And why do so many packages delivered to your house have that little packet of stuff that says, “DO NOT EAT” on it?  What happens if a package is shipped to your house without the DO NOT EAT packet of stuff?   It doesn’t seem to have a benefit.  It’s not to keep things from spoiling, or getting bugs, or having a lot of moisture so what’s the point of the DO NOT EAT packets?  If you know, please share.  Has a factory ever run out of DO NOT EAT packets?   “Sorry, we can’t ship your sofa.  We’re out of DO NOT EAT packets.  ‘Should have some more by Thursday

While we’re peeling, I read this a year ago that we’re peeling bananas wrong.  The person writing the article said to watch the way a monkey peels a banana.  You and I start with the stem.  Monkeys start on the other end.  While I haven’t been able to PROVE this yet, I’m told you get less than half as many banana-strings to fight if you start at the bottom opposite the stem.  Let’s see how we all do with that one.  Good luck with your label peeling.  The ones I’m tasked with usually come off in one piece.  I almost never have a label that isn’t in tact when I’m done peeling it off.

Banana white background

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